SkillzzUp – Ultramodern Assessment Software from Finland!

Our mission is to make individual learning visible. SkillzzUp is a fast and easy to use software to assess and follow individual skill development in real time at any educational level. Our cloud based service will help the students to recognize their own strengths, see their skill development and to set their own targets for learning.

Instead of bureaucracy SkillzzUp will let the students and teachers to focus on what matters the most – learning and teaching new skills.

Our Pedagogical Foundation for Formative Assessment
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Quick and Easy for Teachers

With SkillzzUp teachers can easily assess skill development of individual students at any educational level including 21h century  skills i.e. innovation, creativity, teamwork or communication skills. It takes only a few minutes per week to use compared to hours giving written or oral feedback.

As SkillzzUp visualizes the learning progress of each student, teachers can give extra support or more demanding tasks depending on student’s personal level. It also helps teachers to collaborate easily by sharing ideas, assessment criteria and content.

Extremely Motivating for the Students

The visible learning goals and continuous personal progress keep students motivated and encourages them to reach the next level. Clear assessment criteria will help the teacher, the student and the parents discuss about the goals and outcomes of learning.

Students can also  take ownership of their own learning by setting personal learning goals and assessing their own performance.

Real Time Information for the School Management and Parents

Schools will have more harmonized assessment criteria and a modern tool indentify possible learning difficulties and risk of dropouts at early stage. School management can easily modify the assessment criteria to match their curriculum and make sure everyone is taught and assessed with the same criteria.

With SkillzzUp parents see the learning progress of their children in real time and help them at home.

Why Choose SkillzzUp?

What do our users say?

”SkillzzUp works well and shows me which skills I still need to train more.”
Student, High School
”The user interface is very clear and simple. I understood instantly what I should do and the software is easy to use.”
Teacher, Vocational Secondary School
”A cool, easy and quick way to see my own progress. SkillzzUp is simple to use and it works well with my mobile phone.”
Student, Vocational Secondary School
”SkillzzUp is a great way to involve the parents of young children to the daily learning process.”

Teacher, Primary School | 1st grade


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